The Design/Build Advantage

What is Design/Build?

Design/Build is one of several methods of arriving at the ultimate goal for a client wanting to build a custom home or renovate their existing one.  A custom home or remodel, designed to meet their needs and desires, at a price that meets their budget, in a timeframe that meets their schedule.

Simply put, Design/Build is a one stop shopping approach to custom home building and renovations. The Design/Builder, taking the lead as project coordinator, is hired to manage the entire process. From conceptual design to detailed working drawings to construction to warranty, one entity is responsible to the Homeowner for the final product. This results in a seamless process and clear accountability by a single, qualified source.

This joining of design and construction means you can expect greater continuity of service, since one party is involved in the entire process and all communication is clear and consistent between the client and the design and construction team. In essence, the Homeowner is forming a “partnership” where their objectives are known and as a team all parties work together to attain them.

Design Process Summary

There are three ways in which the custom home and renovation design process works:

Architect Design

  • Builder bids plans (over/under budget?)

Designer (BCIN) Design

  • Builder bids plans (over/under budget?)

Design/Build Advantage

  • Design meets budget!

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