Muddy Paws & Boots

Muddy Paws and Boots

Mudrooms have come a long way. Yesterday’s out-of-site dumping ground for muddy boots and wet snow suits is today’s multi-functional designer space. An extension of the home where the laundry room is a feature, where storage seems a non-issue and cleaning your dog is a true walk in the park. Mudrooms are today’s central hub for growing families who battle with space every day.

More and more homeowners require “mudrooms” with equal finishes to the rest of their home. Convenient access to the outdoors where they can store and organize everything from dress shoes, winter boots, sandals, soccer shoes and seasonal coats to cubbies for school knapsacks. A space wheredoing the laundry is no longer a dreaded trek to the basement or letting the dog in and out feels like competing in the local Tough Mudder Challenge.

Adding a mudroom to your home is a good solution to stop the mess of mud in its tracks and create a practical transition place between indoors and out. Whether it’s located off a side, garage or backdoor entryway, here are some suggestions for creating a functional mudroom for your home.

Smart Storage:

Create an organized space to shed coats, hats, shoes and backpacks upon arrival. A locker or open cubby system with hooks for coats and baskets for smaller items like gloves works for this. Install pre-madesystems or custom cabinetry to suit your individual needs. Include a place to sit for putting on or pulling off shoes and a designated spot for keys.

Make it easy to find and grab things as you’re running out the door. If your mudroom doubles as the laundry area, then include solid surface counter space, ironing board storage, clothes hamper pull-outs for sorting, retractable racks for hanging wet clothes and storage for soap and other cleaning supplies.

Easy Clean Up:

Floors and countertops in your mudroom should be easy to clean. Low-maintenance solid surface (Quartz, Corian or Granite) is a great choice for countertops and porcelain tile is ideal for flooring. The mudroom should be command central for messy, emergency cleanups with plenty of custom storage solutions.

If you have enough space, consider a pet wash station with hand shower to immediately wash muddy paws & boots upon entry. And a utility sink is useful for washing toddler T-shirts stained with spaghetti sauce, paint brushes and small pets.

If you’re building new or remodeling an existing home, we encourage you to include a mudroom. We’re confident you will love this modern functional space or our names are mud.

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